A new Afghan generation of artists

A group of young Afhgan artists want to change the way the world sees them. Infamous for its wars, the Taliban and scarce women rights, over years Afghanistan has earned a reputation hard… Continue reading

Chavela Vargas seguirá cantando sus notas amargas

(Desconozco el autor/a de esta ilustración de Chavela. Si alguien lo sabe, avisad y lo cambio) Hasta los 93 años estuvo con las botas puestas esta mujer poética, de fuerza y libertad a… Continue reading

The present – Animation shortfilm

  Lovely shortfilm by Jacob Frey published on Vimeo. The story is based on a comic strip from the Brazilian illustrator Fábio Coala and has won more than 50 awards worldwide. The story… Continue reading

It’s Friday and it’s raining. Time for a shortfilm! ‘Paperman’ (Disney, 2012)

It’s Friday and it’s raining. Time for a shortfilm! ‘Paperman’ (Disney, 2012) September 25, 2015 ‘Paperman’ is a beautiful shortfilm from Disney Studios on how love can be found anywhere. It won the… Continue reading

De la gran ola a las treinta y seis vistas

‘La gran ola’, la imagen más representativa de la obra de Katsuhika Hokusai, y quizás del arte oriental, es parte de su colección de grabados ‘Treinta y seis vistas del Monte Fuji’. La… Continue reading

My Son Does Advertising

If you work on communication or advertising,  it’s very likely your family and friends don’t get what you do. No matter how much you try to explain it, it’ll always remain a mistery… Continue reading

Food labels like they should be

    Who reads food labels? And how well do we understand what they tell? I read them sometimes, although I try to eat a balanced diet including non-labeled food (veggies!) as much… Continue reading

Travel watercolors

  Beautiful travel journals by the illustrator Joaquín González Dorao based in Madrid, Spain. If you paint a space when you’re on the go, you ought to take a seat, slow down and… Continue reading

6 billion others & counting

‘6 billion others’: the number of human beings on Earth. And it’s growing. The site comes with a persons counter that doesn’t stop going up, if you’d like to see the latest number.… Continue reading

Cartoons from the Marketoonist

via tomfishburne.com Funny and quite true. See them @ http://tomfishburne.com/cartoons#