The 7 Personality Types Of YouTube Viewers — Which Group Are You In?

People all around the world watch videos on YouTube, but viewing habits differ from person to person.  Some people are YouTube-obsessed; some watch funny, viral videos; and other watch YouTube as a learning tool.  Which type of YouTube viewer are you?

The Viral Vixen

Do you always have to be the first person to share a viral video with all your friends?  Do you pride yourself on always being able to tell your people, “Yeah, I already saw that a week ago” when they send you a viral video?  Did you already know all the words to the ‘Bed Intruder Song’ before it broke 100,000 views?  If so, then you just might be a viral vixen.

A viral vixen is someone who can always tell you which videos are going viral on any given day, week or month, as well as tell you the stories behind them.  So if you know the real name of the double rainbow guy (Paul Vasquez), what a Roomba is, and know the name of the guy that sings ‘Chocolate Rain’ then congratulations—you have achieved Viral Vixendom.

The Obsessed Fan

“OMG!  Justin Bieber has a new video out!  I haven’t had any time to watch Shane Dawson’s new video yet, FML!”  If this sounds like you then you may fall into the obsessed fan category.

Many popular YouTubers like Shane Dawson, MysteryGuitarMan and NigaHiga have become celebrities.  And, of course, with celebrity status comes fans and lots of them.  Hoards of teenage girls are obsessed with Shane Dawson and Justin Bieber, well, you know the drill.  So if you are planning to see the Justin Bieber Documentary, ‘Never Say Never’, on opening night, cry yourself to sleep when your internet is down and you miss one of Shane’s new videos, or check YouTube ever 5 minutes to see if MysteryGuitarMan has uploaded anything new then you may want to think about toning it down a bit.  You are obsessed!

The Procrastinator AKA “Bored At Work Guy”

Whether you have a big paper to write or are sitting around bored at work, YouTube offers a great tool for procrastination.  Some of us are able to control the urge to watch YouTube videos when we have work to do.  However, the Procrastinator AKA “Bored At Work Guy” can’t fight the urge.

Try to think of where you usually are when you watch videos on YouTube.  Do you usually watch at home or in the office?  Do you usually share YouTube videos with friends using your work email account?  If so, Mazal Tov!  You’re “Bored At Work Guy” (or gal)!

Image Credit: Exploding Dog

The “Oops, I just spend 3 hours on YouTube!” Guy

Have you ever found yourself watching YouTube video after YouTube video until you can’t even remember where you started?  With YouTube suggestions, it’s easy to get carried away watching videos.  However, some of us suffer from YouTube ADD more than others.  If you find yourself spending literally hours on YouTube for no real reason then you know which viewer category you fit into.

It should be noted that the “Oops, I just spent 3 hours on YouTube” guy is often the “Bored At Work Guy” as well.

The Student

Some people watch YouTube videos for entertainment, but not the student.  The student watches YouTube videos in order to learn.  There are tons of educational videos on YouTube.  You can learn how to do your makeup, how to cook, and even how to do physics and math.

Most people, when they want to learn how to do something, ask a friend for help, Google it or head to the library.  The YouTube student, on the other hand, heads straight to YouTube to watch and learn.  Do you use YouTube for learning how to do various tasks?  If so, I commend you on your studiosity.  And no, “studiosity” is not a real word, but I couldn’t think of a better word to commend you with.  Maybe I should do some studying of my own with YouTube’s HotForWords

Image Credit: Gift Basket For All

The Stalker!!

Just like there are Twitter and Facebook stalkers, there are YouTube stalkers.  And if you are one of them, you know who you are.  You are just like the obsessed fans, except instead of obsessing over YouTube celebs you obsess over people you actually know.  You troll the YouTube pages of your friends, crushes and other people you know, watching their videos and leaving anonymous comments.  You should probably take a break from YouTube and read a book or something.

The good news is, there are a lot less stalkers on YouTube than there are on Facebook and Twitter.  The bad news is that that’s only because not as many people have YouTube accounts.  As more and more people start opening YouTube accounts and posting videos of themselves and their friends, there are likely to be a whole lot more viewers in this category.

I’m going to give a shout-out to all the YouTube trolls in this category too.  You know who you are—the YouTubers that post mean comments on people’s videos just for the sake of posting mean comments and making people feel bad.  Get a life.

Image Credit: NewsLab

The Inspiration Seeker

Finally, a lot of creative people use YouTube a source of inspiration.  Watching videos are not only a great way to come up with new ideas by seeing different types of animation, video editing styles and stories, but many YouTubers are inspired to remix the videos they watch as well.

If you look to YouTube for inspiration when you want to do something creative like create a video or animation of your own, paint, draw, or write, then you are an inspiration seeker.  So head over to YouTube and start searching for the inspiration for your next project, and feel free to tell us all about it in the comments!

So what type of YouTube viewer are you?