Monthly Archive: January, 2011

My Flickr update – This time of Tunisia

click here to add a description Anyone can see this photo (edit) Uploaded on Jan 31, 2011  |  Delete 0 comments via I love their blue sky, the light, the colors, the… Continue reading

What you need is a #WinterWarmer

via It’s always interesting to keep an eye on Orange UK. They’re the kind of brand that comes up with original & fresh campaigns and keep on rolling with new ideas. If… Continue reading

Your activity will turn into Ads as Sponsored Stories in Facebook

Check out this website I found at Facebook is introducing a new marketing product consisting of turning people’s posts into ads and showing these ads to their friends. It’s a way to… Continue reading

Millions of heads thinking #Giveaminute

Give a Minute! is an US initiative to put together people’s ideas to improve their lives. An ambitious crowdsourcing project which aims to gather local and doable solutions from people to improve their… Continue reading

Long time no Post! Today back with Books

 Yes, it’s been quite a long time I don’t post anything, neither Tweet or share. Shame on me. But it doesn’t mean I’m in hibernation mode, but that I’m keeping myself busy with… Continue reading

Researchers have identified ‘Facebook neurons’

So in brief, they’ve found that within the brain’s neocortex lies a subnetwork of highly active neurons that behave much like people in social networks. Like Facebook, these neuronal networks have a small… Continue reading

What do you think will happen over the next 25 years

via Some of these predictions make me shudder and others are really impressive and very welcomed. Time will tell 1 Geopolitics: ‘Rivals will take greater risks against the US’ –> scary… of… Continue reading