What do you think will happen over the next 25 years


Some of these predictions make me shudder and others are really impressive and very welcomed. Time will tell

1 Geopolitics: ‘Rivals will take greater risks against the US’ –> scary… of both

2 The UK economy: ‘The popular revolt against bankers will become impossible to resist’

3 Global development: ‘A vaccine will rid the world of Aids’ –> thank God!

4 Energy: ‘Returning to a world that relies on muscle power is not an option’

5 Advertising: ‘All sorts of things will just be sold in plain packages’ –> are we going backwards then?

6 Neuroscience: ‘We’ll be able to plug information streams directly into the cortex’ –> I didn’t expect less for the XXI century

7 Physics: ‘Within a decade, we’ll know what dark matter is’ –> so religions will start seeking new markets’ opportunities, or become more extreme

8 Food: ‘Russia will become a global food superpower’ –> Tomorrow I start growing my garden & power, to prevent energy & food cuts u know

9 Nanotechnology: ‘Privacy will be a quaint obsession’ –> a public world is still to come

10 Gaming: ‘We’ll play games to solve problems’ –> the rise of virtual worlds

12 Fashion: ‘Technology creates smarter clothes’ –> good for them

13 Nature: ‘We’ll redefine the wild’ –> by losing overall biodiversity… how sad is that

14 Architecture: What constitutes a ‘city’ will change –> and in 2035, most of humanity will live in favelas

“Cities will be too big and complex for any single power to understand and manage them”, also says the article. Same for governments

15 Sport: ‘Broadcasts will use holograms’ –> good

16 Transport: ‘There will be more automated cars’ –> & hopefully more walking (when petrol will cost a fortune)

17 Health: ‘We’ll feel less healthy’ –> gosh, see the pic of the article, hope petrol will be way too expensive soon!

18 Religion: ‘Secularists will flatter to deceive’ –> more people will become more orthodox or fundamentalist. Scary…

19 Theatre: ‘Cuts could force a new political fringe’

20 Storytelling: ‘Eventually there’ll be a Twitter classic’ –> and we’ll read fewer books for pleasure


see the full article at http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/jan/02/25-predictions-25-years#