Long time no Post! Today back with Books

 Yes, it’s been quite a long time I don’t post anything, neither Tweet or share. Shame on me. But it doesn’t mean I’m in hibernation mode, but that I’m keeping myself busy with my new life here in Dublin, the Master and other stuff I really hope I will carry through.


Today I’d like to share 3 links: you already know about one and the other it’s just because it’s interesting to know it’s there. The 3rd I did it for myself.

Have you heard of the largest online library in the world? I guess with the question you might already know that I’m talking about Google Books (@ http://books.google.com ) a project that has opened -if it ever was closed- the debate about author’s copyrights vs. free & accesible culture for people. An always controversial matter and very hot topic on today’s Spanish news because of the Sinde Law on illegal internet downloads. However, I welcome the project & like having at a click distance thousands of books I would never think of. 


Second link is http://ngrams.googlelabs.com/, a beta tool from Google consequence of that digitalization. This tool displays a graph showing how a phrase or words have occurred in a corpus of books over selected years. Yesterday I was trying (in Spanish) words like Napoleón, Guerra, Revolución or Red social and Internet. And what a surprise when it showed results in 1900 for Internet! What?! Below is the explanation I found from Google.


“Why does the word “Internet” occur before 1950?

Time traveling software engineers!
Most of those are OCR errors; we do a good job at filtering out books with low OCR quality scores, but some errors do slip through.

(One old usage of the word “Internet” is legitimate. Can you find it?)”


The last link is the beginning of my own virtual library on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulaefe), as I’m always taking pictures of the goods I leave here and there to remember where I left them. At the moment I have clothes, books or toothbrushes among five houses, uff! So I never know where is my stuff and I completely forget what I do or don’t have. I made the photo stream private for now because I don’t know how is it about publishing the front book & copyrights. I don’t think Cortázar wouldn’t mind though.