Millions of heads thinking #Giveaminute

Give a Minute! is an US initiative to put together people’s ideas to improve their lives.

An ambitious crowdsourcing project which aims to gather local and doable solutions from people to improve their cities. It’s a kind of feedback that the community gives to the place they live, and it’s currently working in Chicago & Memphis, and soon in NY & San Jose.

This is not the first campaign that works public participation, not at all. Brands, non-profit organizations or political teams have used the common knowledge to find innovative alternatives. Personally, I love these kind of crowd sourcing actions, but I’m more skeptical about the results and whether they really listen and carry out any of the proposals.


The way Give a Minute works is nothing out of the ordinary but a web where you submit your idea that it’s published (for your own joy), and then a group of community leaders -that probably lack ideas- go through and take the best of them. I shouldn’t talk about these people in US because I don’t know much about them, but I mean from the politicians I know better -Spanish, EU- who are running out of inspiration.

With inspired politicians or without, any sort of collaborative work is positive, and certainly people should be always openly listened for the common interest! 


BTW, this is what I submitted 😉 for Memphis or Chicago, don’t remember