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6 billion others & counting

‘6 billion others’: the number of human beings on Earth. And it’s growing. The site comes with a persons counter that doesn’t stop going up, if you’d like to see the latest number.… Continue reading

Cartoons from the Marketoonist

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Right, now I found it #TED Ads Worth Spreading


IKEA 365 campaign


Social TV, Social Commerce. Like like like!


Las ‘tierras raras’ de la tecnología

  Manejamos los móviles y los ordenadores como si estuvieran hechos de un aluminio suave y reluciente desde su primer día de vida, pero la historia es más complicada de lo que parece.… Continue reading

we will, eventually…

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Transparency Report from Google & the Egyptian gap of the revolts

Don’t be a Fool, Backup your data!

Today is Fools Day, 1st of April. In Spain our Fool Day is in December 28th, so I was puzzled when I opened Google Adwords today morning and there was a notification of… Continue reading

A partir de ahora ten tus gafas preparadas

Mientras escuchas música!