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My Son Does Advertising

If you work on communication or advertising,  it’s very likely your family and friends don’t get what you do. No matter how much you try to explain it, it’ll always remain a mistery… Continue reading

Food labels like they should be

    Who reads food labels? And how well do we understand what they tell? I read them sometimes, although I try to eat a balanced diet including non-labeled food (veggies!) as much… Continue reading

Travel watercolors

  Beautiful travel journals by the illustrator Joaquín González Dorao based in Madrid, Spain. If you paint a space when you’re on the go, you ought to take a seat, slow down and… Continue reading

6 billion others & counting

‘6 billion others’: the number of human beings on Earth. And it’s growing. The site comes with a persons counter that doesn’t stop going up, if you’d like to see the latest number.… Continue reading

Cartoons from the Marketoonist

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Right, now I found it #TED Ads Worth Spreading


IKEA 365 campaign


Social TV, Social Commerce. Like like like!


Las ‘tierras raras’ de la tecnología

  Manejamos los móviles y los ordenadores como si estuvieran hechos de un aluminio suave y reluciente desde su primer día de vida, pero la historia es más complicada de lo que parece.… Continue reading

we will, eventually…

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