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Actualiza tu estado Facebook con el Super Mega Rainbow Update

via Hoy he actualizado mi estado en Facebook con el “Rainbow Update” de la marca de caramelos Skittles (UK). He mandado el status que quería esta mañana al Skittle call centre (busca… Continue reading

Followers vs. Followees – Primera carrera InterTwitter

via En Buenos Aires puedes retar con Nike a tus followers de Twitter para que se conviertan en real runners y demostrar quién sigue a quién. By BBDO argentina.

The 7 Personality Types Of YouTube Viewers — Which Group Are You In?

People all around the world watch videos on YouTube, but viewing habits differ from person to person.  Some people are YouTube-obsessed; some watch funny, viral videos; and other watch YouTube as a learning… Continue reading

“Rise of the Rest isn’t the End of the West”

  November 2010 | With the entire world now battling it out in the consumer arena, the number of innovations aimed at consumers from Brazil to Belgium is staggering. Case in point: the… Continue reading

EyeWriter – Graffittear con los ojos


Ikea’s PlayReport | GeekDad

via Five major takeaways from the PlayReport: Children overwhelmingly prefer playing with their friends and parents over watching TV. When children across the world were asked to choose between watching TV or… Continue reading

No sólo las multinacionales del Valle del Silicio hacen crecer

Paul Zwillenberg, a partner at BCG and one of the report’s authors, said: “Everyone thinks the global Silicon-Valley-based companies are driving growth, but this report makes clear that in the UK it is… Continue reading

Es la cuna de Coca-Cola

Resulta que la cuna que hay en el pasillo de al lado (y que da un poco de mal rollo por cierto), es la cuna que se utilizó en el anuncio de Coca-Cola… Continue reading

Lo que dan de sí cuatro días en SLO     Y para muestra dos botones Watch on Posterous 15. Ljubljanski Maraton Watch on Posterous 1st Snowfall